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Our main mission and goal is the work with marginalised groups of people in a non-traditional artistic way – such as theatre, performance, dance and singing.

Currently we are performing mainly with homeless people, with physically handicapped young people and young people from socially handicapped families.

Our Theater with no Home (hereinafter referred to as “TWH”) gives the space for promoting of various social topics which are ignored in commercial artistic area. We connect the art and social topics in order to help breaking the stereotypes against marginalised groups exiting in our society.

TWH was informally created in 2005 by working on theatre projects with homeless people and was registered in the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic on May 12, 2006 under the registration number WS/1-900/90-28231. Members of our theatre are people who dedicate their time in long-term horizon to social, pedagogic and artistic work and to economics, management and promotion.

We are located in Bratislava; currently we have 4 members, few volunteers and a lot of sympathizers.

Our theatre community consists of homeless people (sellers of Nota bene magazine), physically handicapped young people, young people from socially handicapped families, social workers, theatre players and everyone who is interested in our theatre. Actors and actresses are financially remunerated for performing in our plays.

Theatre as a social and working place for homeless people and physically handicapped people

The main goal of the project was to enable actors and actresses of TWH to perform the theatre play (The Day of dead) in Bratislava and other cities and festivals in Slovakia. The project took place from September 2008 till May 2009.

The most essential reasons for realization of the project from our point of view

In Slovakia there are hardly any possibilities for physically handicapped people and homeless people for their self-realization. The physically handicapped and homeless people created a theatre play which is a product of their effort and work. The theatre pieces performed by our actors and actresses are helping to remove the social barriers amongst inhabitants. The project increases the probability to gain new social and work contacts. It strengthens the actors and makes them more selfconfident. Cooperation of handicapped people with homeless people during the theatre performances is unique in Slovakia and we believe that it is needed to show such innovative approach to public. It has preventive effect (drugs, alcoholism) and it complies with principle of equal opportunities  for men and women.

Drama-therapeutic sessions, gaining skills, assistance

Once a week on Sundays from 15,00 – 17:00 we organized 21 two-hours drama-therapeutic sessions. In average they were attended by 10 – 13 actors and actresses. Nota bene magazine sales persons were remunerated by 2  Nota bene magazines.

Participation on festivals

In September 2008 we participated on International theatre  festival “Babí léto” in Czech Republic. Festival took place in Prague psychiatric clinic in Bohnice  and its aim was to  make the problematic of psychologically ill people more visible. Our team performed the play “Day of dead”  without being remunerated.

In December 2008 we played this play on International festival of homeless theatres in Bratislava. Festival was organized by our civil association and beside us the theatres from Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic and also the theatre of deaf people from Slovakia participated there.

This activity brought to our clients new experiences and social contacts with people from abroad. New friendships and new motivations for further work in theatre have been established. As a part of festival, actors and actresses attended also a theatre performance.

Some of them actively participated in organizational works (technical support in stage construction, contact with media)

Repetition of play “The Day of dead” in Studio 12

All together we did 10 performances in which 10 – 11 actors and actresses performed regularly. The performances were visited by more than 800 spectators.

Theatre excursion in Malé Krstenany

In May 2009 we organized the excursion and performed 2 plays in Male Krstenany for pensioners. After performances local inhabitants discussed with our actors the topic of homeless people. As the rural areas do not have homeless people, our actors informed them about this topic mostly based on their personal experience.

Shooting of TV program “Art 09” (Slovak Television)

Slovak Television team prepared a short reportage about actors and actresses and also about a part of their performance. They have never experienced the meeting with such actors  and were positively surprised by their honesty and natural  acting in front  of camera.  They told us that this cooperation was an unrepeatable human experience for them.

Main sponsor of the project was SPP Foundation – Grant program OPORA

Total amount of project costs: 4779,92 EUR

Requested: 2655,5 EUR

Amount of financial support: 2655,5 EUR

Project was also supported by: Karex, Drift, IMPA, Theatre Institution Bratislava, Nota bene

Project Haiku

Main goal of the project was to prepare a theatre performance with participation of physically handicapped young people, young people living in a marginalised community and homeless people, as well as to present the performance on international festival.

Project lasted from January 2009 until December 2009. A new peace called Haiku was created. The content of this peace are traditional Japanese poems – haiku from different Japanese authors. Fragments of motion, Japanese music, animation and painting art create a theatre performance which is a connection between Japanese and Slovak culture without an ambition to copy traditional Japanese theatre. Part of performance was also a discussion between actors/actresses and the audience. The piece lasted approximately 40 minutes.

Other project activities:

-drama-therapeutic sessions

-we had 25  two-hours sessions in which we, together with actors and actresses of DBD:

- performed acting exercises focused on expression means of Japanese theatre Kabuki and Nó

- realized voice exercises focused on articulation, diction and recitation

- studied and analyzed the text (Japanese poems haiku)

- developed verbal and non-verbal communication skills

- analyzed and studied information on Japanese theatre and art

- extended the artistic team by new members (homeless people)

- prepared a photo documentation of activities

Premiere of theatre peace Haiku

Premiere took place on November 25, 2009 at 19.00, in v Studio 12,  Jakubovo nám. in Bratislava.

Number of spectators: 85

Introduction of Haiku play on International festival of homeless theatres ERROR 09

On December 4 – 5, 2009 we have played Haiku as a part of our festival in Studio 12. The play was attended by 100 visitors.

Tour with Haiku play

In December we have performed our play Haiku in  Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí in  Banská Bystica. The play was attended by 40 visitors. The team was accommodated in Hotel Lux. A part of the trip was also a sightseeing of Banska Bystrica.

Main sponsor of the project was the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Total project budget: 16.928,90 EUR

Required amount: 14. 273, 39 EUR

The amount of financial support: 6.000 EUR

Project was supported by:

Theatre Institution, Nota bene, Drift, Vertex, Eko-Salmo s.r.o., IMPA, Redivivo.

International festival of homeless theatres ERROR 09

Goal of this project was to organize the unique festival of homeless theatres in Slovakia. Festival is being organized regularly  and this was already its 3rd year, taking place in premises of Studio 12, on Jakubovo namestie in Bratislava. Festival took place on December 4 – 5, 2009. It enables the theatre groups working with handicapped inhabitants to present their artistic achievements.  By this way it helps to dismantle stereotypes existing in relations to marginalized groups and to extend the international cooperation.

Guest theatre groups:

Theatre AHA, Hungary, play Quiet crime

Theatre  Ježek a Čížek, Czech Republic, play  Buffet Bondy

Theatre Dryada, Czech Republic, dance performance  Conjuror

Teatr Grotzki, Poland, play Giving tree

Theatre Tiché iskry, Slovakia, play  Quiet cry of the lily

Theatre without home, Slovakia, play Haiku

As a part of festival we have also presented 60-minutes documentary movie “Theatre without Home” made by Mr. Benjamin Richards (Apothecary films).

Festival was attended by 200 visitors. A part of festival were also working sessions and discussions, dancing, great food and new friendships.

Main sponsor of festival was International V4 Fund

Total budget of the project: 20,000 EUR

Required amount:  12,000 EUR

Amount of financial support: 10,000 EUR

Project was also supported by:

Theatre Institution, Nota bene, Drift, Vertex, Eko-Salmo s.r.o., IMPA, Redivivo.

2% of tax

Our organisation received funds in the amount of 1.246,53 EUR. We used them for co-financing of projects  and fees for actors/actresses of TWH.

TWH hereby would like to thank to all who supported our activities in any way and kept fingers crossed.

In  Bratislava, January 10, 2010 Uršula Kovalyk - Statutory Representative Deputy & Principal of DBD

Patrik Krebs – Statutory Representative

& Principal of DBD