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The training course "Do ART- share and include" is an implementation of the longterm

experience of the Theatre with no Home with young people living in the shadow

of our society (physical or psychiatric diagnosis, social barriers, etc.) into the

professional life of youth workers from 6 EU countries. During the training course,

we will provide participants with a number of tools, methods and exercises based on

art (theatre, music, visual art, movement art, etc. - art therapy, drama therapy) for

effective work with young people. All methods and techniques support young people's

initiative for positive change and recognition/following of their feelings and visions.

Our goal is to share years of proven good practice of our organization, increase the

competencies of youth workers, support their effectiveness and entrepreneurship in

youth inclusion, stimulate constructive dialogue between workers and youth, raise

public awareness of the consequences of pandemic crisis among young people,

prevent and reduce the burnout syndrome of youth workers, and last but not least to

build networks of partners for future cooperation or sharing of experiences. The key

pillars of the training course are the art, sharing and inclusion. The training course

for youth workers will take place from 22nd to 28th May, 2022 in the Pisztori Palace

in Bratislava, at the headquarters of the Theatre with no Home. The non-formal

education will also include a theatrical rehearsal with the actors of the Theatre with

no Home and an evening theatrical performance of the Theatre with no Home open

to the public. The training will be attended by 19 youth workers from 6 EU countries -

Spain, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia.

22nd- 28th May, 2022

Bratislava, Slovakia