The Heroʼs Journey

An adventurous path

to power and vision

Desire & safety

In every woman and in every man there is a part, which wants to make something out of one's life, searching for change and further development. And there is another part standing in one's own way. This part protects things as they have always been like (status quo) and is sabotaging anything new.

These two parts give a signal especially then when a transition into a new life situation comes up.

Is the conflict between desire and anxiety not solved, paralysis, listlessness and discontent will result.

Authentic and in their own sense successful people have learned, to accept and to integrate their adventurous and their protective part.

Hero & Demon of resistance

This basic human conflict is mirrored in myths of the hero and in magical fairytales all over the planet. The director, actor and Gestalt therapist Paul Rebillot designed a process of personality development out of that: the Hero's journey.

In this process we support every participant to work out these two conflicting parts of personality, to embody them as “hero“ and “demon of resistance“ and to confront them with each other.

Did this confrontation result in the decision for an agreement in the interest of both sides, the path into the “land of the unknown” is opening up.

Exceptional experiences (“miracles”), tests and the “reward” of the journey are waiting here.

Reaching the source of life vision

The hero's journey training offers the chance to come in contact again with those buried inner layers of our person, in which we may discover new targets and get on to the track of our life purpose.

The way there is not simple, it needs the upright readiness to confront oneself with oneself and with own inner resistances.

This teaches us to design our journey through life more purposefully and livelier. This contributes to health considerably as well.

For whom?

Doing what you are told is not changing the world. To discover own resources and an inner source of sense and to follow its vision: this is empowered by the Hero's journey training.

Counsellors and therapists accompany people in crisic transitions. Activists in cultural, artistic and social fields support people to unfold their inner resources and creativity.

Everybody feeling resonance with these targets will benefit from this training.

Paul Rebillot

(19312010) was a famous director and teacher of theatre art in San Francisco. A deep emotional and spiritual crisis brought him in touch with his vision. Based on this experience, his education as Gestalt therapist, his experience with healing forms of theatre and with Joseph Campbell's mythological studies (“A hero with a thousand faces”) he designed the Hero's Journey training and published it in his book “The call to adventure: bringing the hero's journey to daily life” (1993). The famous psychiatrist Stan Grof praised this training as precise description of the ʼlandscapeʼ of a “transformative crisis”. Paul worked for decades as workshop guide, therapist and teacher at the Californian Esalen Institute and other centres in Europe.

For the diversity of his work see his website

Guidance of this HJ training: Helga Weule, Manfred Weule, Patrik Krebs with assistants of ADVENTURE LIFE

Dr. Helga Weule

is philosopher, group dynamic trainer, organisational consultant, supervisor, paintress and authoress of several books and articles in professional publications. Group dynamic, system theory, systemic family therapy and the art and knowledge of Peruvian traditional healers are her strongest influences. She is a professional counsellor and supervisor in Austria since 1983. She teaches group dynamic and systemic counseling.

Manfred Weule M.A.

is cultural anthropologist, counsellor, organisational consultant, supervisor, guide of intercultural learning projects and author of several books and articles in professional publications.

Gestalt, systemic counseling and the ways of traditional African healing are imprinting experiences. He is a professional counselor since 1990 and teaches systemic counseling and the art of ritual.

Both have been trained and authorized by Paul Rebillot to guide and to teach this process.

Patrik Krebs

is a theatre-person, teacher of foreign languages, player on different instruments and nature-lover.

With people without home he works from 2004, later he expanded the cooperation with people with physical handicap, psychiatric diagnose, people in prison, after prison, with students, teachers and many other different people. Long-therm he is active in work with youngsters. He is dedicated to organization and education in the Hero ‘s Journey process from 2013.

P.K. has been trained under supervision of Manfred and Helga Weule and authorized by the Boeard of Adventure Life  to guide this process in 2020


Adventure Life

was founded 2007 by partici-pants of a Hero's Journey in Austria. It is an European network with the target to spread the HJ as a path of initiation and community building.

It has members in Austria, Czech Rep., Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Germany. It forms a self-organizing project of educating HJ guides, reflecting its practice and condensing its reflexions into common theory construction. Often in cooperation with EU programmes like Youth in Action and Erasmus+ AL organized HJ trainings 2008 and 2016 in AT; 2012 in CZ and IT; 2013 in SK; 2018 in ES and in SK and facilitator trainings 2009 and 2014-2023 in AT.

The association AL follows the motto “it needs community to grow up and to live the adventure” among people of any age, who want to follow the path of adventure and desire.

more info:


AL activists like Jitka Marelová, Madlen Komarová and Patrik Krebs spread out HJ in Czech Republic and in Slovakia:

Czech Republic

After a first granted HJ training 2012, AL was invited 2015 by the faculty of philosophy in Palacký University Olomouc to take part in the “Common Space” conference with a HJ training, a workshop and a lecture.

2015 workshop “Hero's Journey in Tarot” (HW & MW) and 2016 “Inanna” (HW & Martina Bartová) in Prague.

In winter 2015/2016 Jitka Marelová (Červená) and Lukáš Kučera organized and guided a HJ process in Prague in the form of 6 evening sessions.

Guidance:  Patrik Krebs

with assistants of Adventure Life - Madlén Komárová and Tomáš Kubiš

Working language: English

Oct.7.- 14. 2023

( 7 days on 8 calendar days)

Venue: Surya centrum o. z.

Brestové 1282, 91642 Moravské Lieskové, SK

750 euro

price includes all for the training: 7 nights accommodation, food and all necessary for the creative process

Thanks to the support of Visegrad Fund the price is

150 euro

The fee for the training ”150 euro”, please, send to the account of Divadla bez domova, with the note “HJ23”: SK7211000000002621793196

Rezervačný formulár / Reservation form

Organization: Divadlo bez domova

Info: Patrik Krebs


Divadlo bez domova (Theatre with no home) is a NGO in Bratislava. Since 2004 works as an independent theatre company, where the actors and actresses are homeless and other disadvantaged or marginalised people of different age. For 12 years it organizes the international festival of homeless theatres ERROR - the only theatre festival of that kind in Europe. 

DBD is also active in the field of non-formal education for professionals and activists. Thus it came in close contact with Adventure Life and Paul Rebillot's Hero's journey. This cooperation led to organizing a first Hero's journey training in Slovakia 2013, a lecture and a theatre presentation of HJ in the ERROR Festival 2016 and to developing an international project HIT – Heroes of Inclusion and Transformation, which was granted by Erasmus+ and was finished by 6 European associations. Every year organizes Hero’s Journey in English.